The 'Desperate Housewives' Cast Is Secretly Team Nicollette in Assault Suit

The 'Desperate Housewives' Cast Is Secretly Team Nicollette in Assault Suit-photo

It's nice to have the support of your colleagues in difficult times. Slightly less gratifying? When they won't come out and actually express their support for you.

Nicollette Sheridan's former Desperate Housewives castmates are reportedly pulling for  the actress in her $20 million lawsuit against DH creator Marc Cherry, but are reluctant to come forward, out of fear for their own jobs.

In her recently filed wrongful-termination suit, Sheridan claims that Cherry slapped her in the face and on the head when she took issue with a script element in 2008, then canned her because she had the nerve to complain about being roughed up in the workplace. According to a mole familiar with the inner workings of the show, such outbursts aren't uncommon for Cherry, but the rest of the cast has learned to tolerate his abusiveness for the sake of the show:

"Marc can sometimes think he's being funny, but he really just comes off as arrogant and rude. But the women mostly put up with it. He's considered a genius at what he does, and it kind of just comes with the territory."

While Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross and the rest of Wisteria Lane's residents secretly sympathize with their former coworker's plight, apparently none of them are willing to publicly come forward with their support, lest they find their own characters killed off:

"They're all silently behind her, but the actresses on the show enjoy the fame and success that Marc has created for them. It's unlikely that anyone will step forward to support Nicollette—their characters are all still alive on the show, and they have a lot more to lose than she does."

So all the Desperate Housewives are looking out for themselves, and are willing to throw each other under the bus in order to achieve their goals? Wow; apparently life really does imitate art.



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  • Karen

    DorkAngel-GBW / I enjoyed wthiacng your performances at the Noche de Gala Dinner. Simply beautiful! I can only hope that one day, someway somehow, I get to hear you sing Contigo En La Distancia live.

  • josh

    this article is so fake! If it were a legit article then Eva wouldn't say on the radio that Marc Cherry "wouldn't hurt a fly"

  • Luca

    calling BS here. Allegedly Marc hit her on set in front of witnesses and no one said anything about it, even just some lowly PA or such. Plus she didn't file a police complaint. But she did go run to ABC. and then over a year later he cans her because of the complaint. and now a year after that she's suing that she was fired cause he hates women (I mean he is a homosexual after all) something smells here. It's interesting to note how little she's done since then. could this be just a ploy for attention? it is possible