The 'Jersey Shore' Gang Presents 'Fun With Fitness' (PHOTOS)

Dread going to the gym? Don't worry; the Jersey Shore crew is here to show you how to make your workout a joy-filled orgy of fitness and glee.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jenni "JWoww" Farley and the rest of the JS crew hit the gym in Miami on Tuesday to demonstrate how keeping fit doesn't have to be an exercise in drudgery.

For instance, did you know that busting out your dance moves while on the treadmill, besides being wicked fun, is also an excellent aerobics routine?

What other fitness wisdom does the Jersey Shore cast have to impart? Click through the photo gallery and prepare to be educated.

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  • Laura

    REALLY, she's working out in this! Get real.. !

  • mandy meldo
    mandy meldo

    watch the show. he acted like he hit somebody. he ran up and ran away like a girl. he cant hit sh*t. lol lol lmao

  • amanda meldo
    amanda meldo

    you should learn to fight cuz u hit that kid on the show like a girl then ran away. ur a fag. girls could kick ur ass

  • SaMM

    What is the big deal with the Jersey Shore group? They have good bodies, but so do other people their ages who also are intelligent. They can party, but so can other people who have a clue. They aren't particularly good looking, but like fat people who wear revealing clothes, they have the attitude that they are all that. They obviously went to school (legally obligated), but learned nothing. Watch the Jay Leno clip where he asks them simple information which anyone should know. They live in the NYC area, where so many people are employed in the financial industry, yet no one can answer Leno's question? He asked which two animals are associated with the stock market (which is located in NYC). No one knew! In his defense however, The Situation was able to identify ben Bernake. By and large, they are a group of stupid people. So what's the big deal about the Jersey Shore group? Is it the same fascination people have with the guests on Jerry Springer? Fascinating as it may be to watch lives with all the class of a train wreck, no one thinks the Springer guests are cool. So why is the Jersey Shore train wreck getting so much positive spin?

  • Shae

    ""Jersey Shore crew is here to show you how to make your workout a joy-filled orgy of fitness and glee"" The first line sums it all up for any fitness enthusiasts Build muscle,burn fat