Tiger Woods Exploits His Father’s Memory in WTF New Nike Ad (VIDEO)

Nice to see Tiger Woods is keeping things classy as he tries to make his way back into the game. The recently disgraced golf great—who’s been struggling to regain the public’s trust despite a seemingly unending sex scandal—appears in a new Nike ad, in which Woods looks remorsefully into the camera as his father Earl Woods lectures him on his recent behavior.

Earl Woods, it’s worth noting, died in 2006. We have no idea why anyone, anywhere, would possibly think this is a good idea, though it should make for an interesting follow-up commercial, where Tiger stares into the camera again as Earl bellows, “Did I tell you that you could use my likeness for commercial and PR purposes without my permission?”

Memo to Tiger: Sometimes “Just do it” isn’t the best advice. Sometimes you should “Just don’t it.”

Check out the video below and let us know in the comments section: Do you think the ad goes too far?


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