Tiger Woods Might Have Literally Slept With the 'Girl Next Door'

Tiger Woods Might Have Literally Slept With the 'Girl Next Door'-photo

Couldn't Tiger Woods have just sent a fruit basket if he wanted his neighbors to feel welcome?

A classy new twist has been added to the increasingly sordid but unfailingly amusing sex scandal that's hovered over golf great Woods since November. Woods' neighbor, 22-year-old Raychel Coudriet, claims that she and the linksman had a one-night stand when she was 21. According to Coudriet, who lives with her family in Woods' Orlando-area neighborhood of Isleworth, the flames of passion were sparked when she and Woods launched into a make-out sesh within sight of Woods' home, while Tiger's unsuspecting wife, Elin Nordegren, was inside. From there, Woods allegedly escorted the neighbor girl to a private office he keeps nearby, where the two of them engaged in a heated bout of extramarital lovemaking.

Alas, after that very special encounter, Coudriet developed cold feet about sleeping with a married man,and declined to repeat the experience, despite Woods' repeated text messages to her.

So why is Tiger's literal girl-next-door coming forward now? Apparently, she became enraged when Woods' legion of other Other Women came forward, making her feel that she was just another notch in his putter.

Either that, or she heard Tiger is now handing out $10-million-dollar-bills to his mistresses. It's tough to say...



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  • melvin polatnick
    melvin polatnick

    Men do not have to own the: slot, crack, crevice, gash, slit, split, gap, exit, mouth, outlet, entrance, inlet, armhole, peephole, and wormhole. They can rent it like every other commodity.

  • Carmen

    All these shameless, immoral, women, that became involved with Tiger Woods, like this one, knew that he was a married man with children that he was never, ever going to leave his decent wife for any of them. He used them just for dirty sex and they went ahead and accepted it, so why are they complaining now and about what? They are just paying for their stupidity and poor choice. I will tell them to take a hike and get lost! They need to move on and accept they are as much guilty as Tiger!!!!!!!!!!!