Arrested Development Movie Is “Not Going To Happen”, Comedy Nerds Put on Suicide Watch

We have some bad news for Arrested Development fans: there isn’t going to be an Arrested Development movie. We know, it is crushing news. We needed to take a get ahold of ourselves after we heard so we could process this news.

The news comes from TV Squad while they were doing an interview with David Cross. The interviewer naturally asked David about the long-awaited and often-hinted Arrested Development movie which would give the show’s sometimes rabid fans a much needed AD boost.

David told the interviewer that the movie is “not going to happen” because it has been “way too much time” since the show went off the air and everyone is doing different projects. Come on!

However, David did leave us one small glimmer of hope, he mentioned that he would like it if AD did a reunion or Christmas special (like they do for British shows) on TV, and it might be easier to execute than launching a movie. So, hey, there’s that!

In a way it is sort of a relief to know the fate of the AD movie. Rumors were constantly flying about the state of the production and any time an actor who appeared on the show was doing press for some other project they would be asked about the reunion film. So at least we can all die knowing the fate of the Arrested Development movie. Don’t pretend like it wasn’t keeping you up at night.