BUZZINGS: Lindsay Lohan’s New Stepmom Used To Be Her Assistant, Completing The Circle Of Lohan Weirdness

Lindsay Lohan’s new step-mom, Kate Major, used to be her assistant/tabloid insider. Because once you work for the Lohans you won’t ever want to leave them. (PopEater)

Jennifer Love Hewitt says that she once found out a boyfriend was cheating on her from a TV show. Is she confusing “acting” for “cheating”? (Wonderwall)

Tina Fey’s criminally cute daughter Alice reportedly told her mom that her dream job is to “get paid to dance at parties.” Don’t worry, Alice, you can get that dream job, all you have to do is drop out of high school and get addicted to meth. (Huffington Post)

• Adorable Justin Bieber is upset over his adorable People cover because he thinks he looks “crazy.” Aw, Biebs, we think you look wonderful! (Dlisted)

Kirstie Alley reportedly spends $40,000 a year on her pet lemurs. Well, a gal’s got to have a hobby. (Starpulse)