Jon Gosselin’s Ex Finally Realizes That Jon Is A Loser

Newsflash: Jon Gosselin is kind of a lazy idiot. Well, you probably already knew that but now Jon’s ex, the ever classy Hailey Glassman just figured that all out and is dishing Jon’s secrets to RadarOnline.

Jon recently filed for full custody of his kids from Kate Gosselin who he called an “absentee mom” because she has this weird, foreign concept that Jon can’t really understand called “a job.” However, Hailey says that Jon shouldn’t have full custody of his kids because he is horrible. From RadarOnline:

Jon needs to stop playing the victim! I mean, he’s on the Titanic! Instead of trying to get a lifeboat and put a life vest on he insists on going down with the ship… he refuses to get off the Titanic.

Hailey also said that calling Kate an absentee mom was “absolutely ridiculous” and that “Kate is a really good mom […] she gives those kids structure and rules that they need.”

Not only does Hailey call Jon’s parenting skills into question, she also says that he has no home and lives off his girlfriends like some sort of traveling, chubby, glassy-eyed grifter. Hailey says that he moved in with her and would steal her rent money behind her back, which resulted in him getting evicted. She says he “doesn’t have a girlfriend to live off of anymore and he’s freaking out.” Well what kind of gal wouldn’t want to support this winner of a guy?

So, ladies, who amongst you is willing to support this amazing man? Any takers?