Kate Gosselin To Continue To Haunt Us With New Reality Show

When you are a white-hot celebrity, adored by millions and millions of fans, it is hard to keep you from landing a television show, so it makes perfect sense that Kate Gosselin just announced that she will be getting her own new reality show on TLC. The public asketh and TLC giveth. It’s that simple.

Kate’s show will be (mercifully) Jon Gosselin-free and follow Kate on her post-Jon life as she travels to the homes of mothers who have sent her fan letters (yes, Kate gets fan letters) about obstacles in their life. Kate will then travel to the different women’s homes and be put in their shoes, for entertainment.

The show will air on TLC in June and be called Twist of Kate. Set your DVRs, people! We know no one can resist the call of seeing Kate on television.