‘Jersey Shore’ Cast To Return To Their Natural Habitat, New Jersey

Sure, you may have noticed that the cast of Jersey Shore is filming in Miami, but the fit just doesn’t seem right. There is something missing, a special ingredient and the MTV producers know exactly what that missing element is: New Jersey.

Yes, you can take the guidos out of New Jersey, but eventually they will flock back, like a band of locusts. MTV announced that while the gang is still filming in Miami, they will all return to Seaside Heights in Dirty Jersey once “the boardwalk heats up.” Uh, it was 90 degrees in New York the other day, MTV. We think the boardwalk has been appropriately preheated and is now ready for our lovable guidos.

MYV also announced that the new, bi-city (bi-curious?) season of Jersey Shore will return to the small screen on July 29th, so we will all have to wait a bit until we can see what drama the Shore cast has been drumming up.

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