Jimmy Fallon And ‘Parks And Recreation’ Team Up For World’s Greatest ‘Glee’ Parody (VIDEO)

On last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon returned to his Glee parody show, “6-bee,” with the help of the cast from Parks and Recreation. That’s right two awesome shows came together to parody and celebrate another awesome show. Christmas has come early this year!

In this hilarious “episode,” the 6-bee team is getting pumped for sectionals until they find out that they will be battling the talented cast of Parks and Recreation (headed by a very pregnant but surprisingly energetic Amy Poehler) who have also decided to steal Jimmy’s house band, The Roots, to join their team.

What is the 6-bee team going to do? Well, they’re not going to take it, that’s for sure.

The parody was pitch-perfect but we have one complaint: where was Aziz Ansari?

Watch the video below.