Leighton Meester Is Single. Gentlemen, Start Your Wishful Thinking.

Sad news, celebrity-relationship buffs; Gossip Girl co-stars and real-life couple Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan have reportedly called it quits on their fairytale romance.

A source close to the actress-turned-songbird says that Leighton was the one to pull the plug, because Meester “doesn’t know how to be in a relationship and doesn’t really like them.”

Oh, being in a relationship is simple, Leighton; you just find someone that you think is right for you, discover their flaws way too late, stick with them anyway out of a crushing fear of loneliness, and then spend the rest of your life in quiet misery.

Speaking of misery, Stan is said to be “heartbroken” over the breakup. Don’t worry, Sebastian; we’re sure there are plenty of ladies out there willing to help heal the ouchie on your heart.

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