Robert Pattinson To Play Kurt Cobain In New Film

Courtney Love may not be completely lucid, but at least she got her mind right when looking to cast a rumored Kurt Cobain biopic. Love is reportedly courting the most wonderful, magnificent actor of Our Time, Robert Pattinson for the role of Kurt and Robert is rumored to be open to the idea.

The casting would make sense, Robert does bear some resemblance to Kurt and we all know how Robert loves wallowing in his cute grungey-ness.

Love is also reportedly looking to cast Scarlett Johansson to play Love in the film. Oh, Courtney, Scarlett may be blonde but that is where the resemblance to you begins and ends. Of course, if we were casting a film about our life we would be hiring the best looking actors to play ourselves, even if the physical resemblance is thin.

Love is also looking to tap David Fincher to direct the film. Fincher has previously directed Fight Club.

If Robert does end up taking the role, it might introduce his dreaminess to the over-30 crowd, and the more Robert handsomeness that is spread around, the better. Also, maybe girlfriend Kristen Stewart can give him some tips on how to play a rock legend since her turn as Joan Jett in The Runaways was so successful.