The Tiger Woods Mockery Tour Continues At The Masters

The Merry Pranksters who were behind the airborne banner that mocked scandal-plauged Tiger Woods yesterday at the Masters have struck again.

The unknown jokesters flew a banner of the Masters tournament today that read, “Sex Addict? Yeah. Right. Sure. Me Too!” Get it? Because Tiger might be a sex addict and people like sex!

Who could be behind these Tiger-targeted airplane banners? Our first hunch is Tiger’s former attention-seeking mistress Joslyn James, who held a press conference where she demanded an apology from Tiger because, you know, this is all about her and her feelings. Lord knows she is trying to milk this sex-scandal for all the attention she can get so we wouldn’t put off the thought of her pulling pranks at the Masters.

Another guess is Jesse James who could use a break from all the sex-scandal attention he has been getting since news his affairs first broke.

Who do you think is pulling off these pranks? Let us know your guesses in the comments below.