Angelina Jolie Sails Her Way Right Into Our Hearts (PHOTOS)

Angelina Jolie was all smiles as she returned to work on The Tourist in Venice today.

Maybe Angie was smiling because she was riding around in a boat while the rest of us plebeians shuffle around on dry land. Or maybe she was smiling because she is a rich, beautiful movie star who gets to sleep with Brad Pitt every night. Well, we guess we'll never know.

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  • blady02

    I agree with the Autumns of the bunch here! Once a freak always a freak, time will show how screwed up this so-called actress is, don't waste your money on the trash of the world, pay for good entertainment! I just feel sorry for the future those kids will live, hide and watch the tragedy unfold! And by the way, little Shiloh seems to be following in Chastity Bono, now Chaz Bono's footsteps! LOL! Angie and her freak show! I am not stupid enough to pay to watch!

  • carolhotpink

    She is not as beautiful as she used to be, I prefer her hair without bangs. She is still one of my favorites though.

  • Lee

    Autumn is a FAT JENHAG!!! LOL!!! Stop being a HATER and be an APPRECIATOR!!! Go Angie!!

  • Kay

    ANGELINA IS UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL....inside AND out! We love yooooou Angie!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bettie

    Angelina is absolutely gorgeous inside and most definately outside!!! Wow.

  • A team
    A team

    gee ppl, get back on your prozac. sluts back sluts i say. i guess the ones who should get real lives, r the ones who r foaming at the mouth. calm down, take a deep breathe and slowly let it go out. shame, it must b lonely in your world, but no worries, the voices told you to be like that. shame!!!

  • Dayton


  • c2thete

    2 all the HATERS on AJ, I'm quite certain U should be aware that she don't give a RATS AZZ about how you feel towards her! She knows she's TALENTED, GOREGOUS, VERY RICH, & knows what she's about! plus she has HER MAN, BACKING HER 100% don't hate the player HATE YOURSELF FOR BEING NOTHING!!

  • sophie1986

    If I would be sleeping with the way Beardo Brad looks today, I would be crying, not smiling. And no, they wouldn't be happy tears.

  • meme

    holy s--t she is gorgeous

  • boat

    mother f*ckers they have broken the cyrstals of my boat!!!!!!!

  • scotsgirl

    You guys are idiots if you buy into her propaganda campaign. A drug taking self mutilating brother kissing freak may have the out wrapping changed but inside she is still a psycho

  • Justhuman

    Actually 'autumn'; you are showing that you are ugly; stop being such a hater and get a clue, tabloids are slimy trash that you're not supposed to actually take seriously or believe. AJ is beautiful, without loads of makeup or $30,000 hair, and even more importantly, beautiful inside; her positive charity is a bright light in the world of celebrities that do nothing worthwhile. Move on from ranting jealous bitterness and do something positive.

  • tami

    i mean, stop making assumptions over a photo. grow up and get a life - a real life.

  • tami

    ^ jealous much? haha. first off, it's woman because she's only one. if she's too skinny for you, i wonder how FAT you are? secondly, stop assumptions over a photo. and how do you know she's into Depp? did she tell you that? stop imagining things. and lastly, if Brad wants her out of his life and thinks she's a trash, wouldn't you think he wouldn't get her pregnant 2 times? get over it. they're very much inlove and STILL together. Pitt is contented with life now. he's not going back to that talentless X who dates just anybody out there in HW. and oh just to piss you off, Angelina is one of the most beautiful woman alive wether you like it or not so suck it up honey!

  • autumn

    First off Angelina isnt a beautiful women, she is way too skinny and looks like she is a drug addict. 2ndly she is probably smiling because her claws will be into Johnny Depp next --but that is good brad pitt needs to get this trash out of his life