‘Jersey Shore’ Boys Display Their Trademark Class And Modesty In ‘Interview’

If there is one thing that the boys from the Jersey Shore are known for, it is humility and class (or maybe it is muscles and self-tanning, we can’t seem to get those straight). Either way, the four guidos were the subject of a tasteful Interview photo shoot with supermodel Bar Refaeli and interview where the boys didn’t waste any time reminding us why we love them.

The interview focused on each guido, The Situation, Ronnie, Vinny and Pauly D and how they are dealing with their time in the limelight.

The Situation was sure to display his trademark modesty when asked by the interviewer how he was dealing with his newfound fame:

MARTIN [Interviewer]: How’s fame treating you?

SORRENTINO[The Situation]: Oh, man, it’s just unbelievable. Everywhere I go, there’s just mass amounts of people. There’s people showing up at airports, wanting autographs, girls, it’s insane. It’s like The Beatles, man.

MARTIN: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you because of the show?

SORRENTINO: A number of times girls were hysterical. I had a guy faint at one of my appearances in St. Louis. I was taken aback but at the same time flattered. I guess he got a little too excited, which is understandable. When you see The Situation in person, it can startle some people.

MARTIN: What’s the best thing fame has brought you?

SORRENTINO: Probably just some money, man.

You know, maybe The Situation is on to something because when I think of “The New Beatles” I think about the cast members of an MTV reality show about drunk guidos.

The Situation’s castmate, Ronnie, on the other hand, displayed some surprising levelheadedness about fame and female attention:

MARTIN: How has female attention changed for you?

ORTIZ-MAGRO [Ronnie] : [sighs] It’s wild. I can’t even explain it to you. It’s unexplainable. You have to experience it yourself. Girls crying, shaking. On my Facebook page, I got letters from girls: “If this is the Ronnie from Jersey Shore, oh my god, I love you.” It’s like, why? Really, why? Girls hit on me, but you’ve got to realize they’re fans. They don’t know you. You have to know what’s real and what’s not.

Vinny, on the other hand, talked about his normally low-key attitude and the attention he has been getting from celebrities such as Italian-American actor (and Bar Refaeli’s boyfriend) Leonardo DiCaprio, who reportedly told Vinny that he “can tell [Vinny’s] a good Italian kid, from a good family.” From Interview:

MARTIN: Whose career do you envy?

GUADAGNINO [Vinny]: Definitely Leonardo DiCaprio. I could see myself, not now because he plays crazy roles, but if I ever got to that level, I’d like to play the roles he plays. He handles everything with such poise. He’s very low-key, and I’m the same kind of way. When you see me in a club, you don’t see me going crazy; you see me with a hat and a hood on, laying back. What would Leo do? What would Leo do? I keep reciting that in my head.

Meanwhile, Pauly D talked about how he is popularizing the gudio look:

MARTIN: Do you have look-alikes?

DELVECCHIO [Pauly D]: Oh my god, I have so many look-alikes now. My haircut alone, all the places I go to deejay, all the guys are doing their hair like me, are dressing like me. On Facebook and Twitter, they want to know what kind of gel I use, how long I spend on my hair. So there are a lot of look-alikes there.

We just hope that the Jersey Shore kids can make this fame last a lot longer than 15 minutes.