Kate Hudson Wears A Bikini, Eats Some Ribs (PHOTOS)

The life of a gorgeous movie star is one full of glamour, luxury and riches. When you are a member of the rich and famous set, you can enjoy the right to the things in life that we unfamous slobs can't have. And that is just what Kate Hudson did when she relaxed in a bikini and ate some ribs in Florida this weekend.

Now if we commoners decided to bust out a plate of delicious ribs to snack on while hanging around a pool, we would be ridiculed and called classless, but not Kate. She can enjoy her delicious ribs and not worry about people thinking she is gross. Ah, the privileges of the celebrity life.

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  • sandra

    is that a bandaid from the boobjob?

  • hej

    This looks more like Hudson's friends Tommy Haas and Sara Foster...

  • Hammer

    If she got a boob job it didnt take...........

  • Gab

    How can you say these things about someone you don't know? You have no idea what is really going on in her life...

  • baz

    This article was linked to another Huffington report that Kate had implants... From the looks of these photos, I'd say totally false report and makes me glad I'm not famous. The lies and inuendos from these "so called writers and reporters" who have nothing better to do than to sling rumors, untruths, slanderous remarks... just so they can have fame and clicks. These are the lowest form of humans.

  • KaterinaWit

    What is the writer smoking here? She's gained a little weight only and clearly has not had implants. Jeeze people!

  • Team Chris
    Team Chris

    Good for you, Yoko. Now maybe SHE will fall overboard...or just stick to breaking up stellar bands.

  • timmo

    dont alex rodreguez live in Miami?..god is she stalking him?

  • Guest

    Cannot stand this self-centered Hollywood 'ho!!

  • C Robinson
    C Robinson

    Apologies for my candid opinion-but;The whole Owen Hudson thing is really tedious. It would be interesting to know if Hudson would be known and hired as an actress-such as it is- because of her famous mother,or and having taken advantage of that fact she raises her profile - again such as it is- by dating A List actors/or famous known professionals. Also interesting that when she is in a relationship (Such as it is) that the paparazzi somehow are where Hudson and her latest sucker are visiting-be it a restaurant,cycling etc-and the sop with her always looks angry and she laps up the attention -because"she loves to laugh" Seriously I mean seriously. Incidentally if that silly man Owen, does get back with this - what appears to be a woman with an insatiatable appetite for whatever addiction, then the man is definitely back on the alcohol. Maybe she should hook up with Tiger Woods- I mean really isn't it time she grew up- oh and where is this child she is apparently fond of-as her ex husband says ' he is happy when she has a new paramore, because she is distracted, and he gets to look after their son' OK so tell me, is this the woman who wants to have a child by Owen that's good really then at least the next child will have a playmate when she tires of her new toy. For God's sake the woman needs to get a grip.allegedly! IMy heart goes out to Owen relatives the worry of his association with that woman must spell danger. Allegedly