Lindsay Lohan Is Not Cool Enough For 'Mean Girls' Video Game Cover

Lindsay Lohan Is Not Cool Enough For 'Mean Girls' Video Game Cover-photo

Break out your Burn Books and size XXL pink polos, a new video game is on the market and it is already creating buzz by separating who is cool from who is not.

Mean Girls the wonderful 2004 film that starred Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried has just spawned a Nintendo DS video game that curiously (or perhaps not curiously) left little Lohan off the cover. Has Lindsay's downward spiral finally hit rock bottom?

The game follows around Cady, the fictional character who Lohan portrayed in the film, as she navigates her high school and battles The Plastics. However, the cover of the Mean Girls game would have you believe that it centered around The Plastics since it only shows a photo of the nasty popular group (which includes McAdams, Seyfried, Lacey Chabert) and Lohan/Cady is cut completely from the cover.

Do video game developers really think that Lohan isn't enough of a star to sell a video game, and moreover, could they be right? Let us know what you think in the comments section.



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  • emmanuel

    i want to worch movie

  • diana

    Hey Di,who wants a druggie on the cover of any game,BTW?? hey Jo! what do you mean? well, lets see. Marilyn Monroe is dead - people still buy her stuff- AND SHE'S DEAD! my point is, Lindsay was part of the movie, she has the same right to be on the cover, period. I don't care if she's a mess or wtv.... that's all.

  • Jen

    ^Haha, I mean LIZZY Kaplan. See, she was so shafted I don't even remember her name.

  • Jen

    This was pretty smart of them to do, it creates some publicity of a game no one would have cared about. I mean, who would have thought that movie would have a game based on it, an 6 years later. I don't see what the big deal is though, Lindsay Kaplan was a major part of the film and she was never in any of the promotional stuff.

  • uhuh

    perhaps they needed permission from the actresses to use then on the cover, this isn't the movie, this is a later separate thing, maybe lohan feels above this kind of bs games, and did not want her pic on the cover

  • No1lindzfan

    I LURRVV LINDSAY LOHAN... shes beautiful n a brill actress n no1 cn change dat fact no matta hw hard dey try... GO LINDSAY!!!!!!

  • Joboots

    Hey Di,who wants a druggie on the cover of any game,BTW??

  • diana

    I think this is disgusting. I don't care if lindsay is a mess right now, but this is ridiculous. She's part of the movie like the other ones. She should be on the label. Furthermore she's the main character. wtf were they thinking?

  • Soci

    I think it is also possible that this could be a marketing strategy. This could represent the point of view of the gamer, in character as Cady. The makers want players to envision themselves in the game (and thus buy it). Putting Lohan on the cover removes the gamer a step; now s/he must figure him/herself as Lohan as Cady.