Miley Cyrus’ Beauty Secrets, Revealed!

Looking for another reason to be jealous of Miley Cyrus? How about the fact that she has “beautiful” skin, “spectacular” lips, and is beloved by the people she works with at the tender age of 17?

Julie Hewett the make-up artist on the set of Miley’s newest film, The Last Song, has fallen under the spell of Miley and gushes about Miley’s beauty secrets and behind-the-scenes behavior.

Hewett described Miley as a “one in a billion young lady” who is “full of life and so special and so talented.” Hewett also went on to describe Miley’s on-set beauty habits. From LimeLife:

‘Her skin is so beautiful and she is so good at taking care of herself and her skin,’ Julie says. Since the majority of the movie was filmed on the beach, this meant lots of sun protection for Miley. ‘We used Kate Somerville’s 55 SPF sun block everyday.’

Julie would prep Miley’s skin with Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and set it with a good amount of bronzer. To give Miley a pretty flush, Julie custom blended two of her Cheekie shades just for her. ‘As a surprise, I made a color for her called Destiny,’ Julie says.

‘Miley has such spectacular lips. You really don’t need to put to color on there,’ Julie says. ‘She is my biggest fan when it comes to my Camellia Balm.’

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we don’t need Hewett to go on and on about Miley’s beauty for us to know that she is a naturally gorgeous young lady.

Hewett also reported that Miley was a big fan of Julie Hewett Floral Water in Cucumber Extract, a spritz that she would use to cool down and keep her makeup from running in between scenes.

Hewett also said that during her down time (and when she wasn’t praying herself with cucumber water) Miley would do Hewett’s make-up for fun. Hewett says that Miley really knows her make-up: “She just knows everything about make-up and has remarkable taste. She’s just incredible.”

Ah, the life of a rich young celebrity.