Not Even Tina Fey Is Immune To Justin Bieber’s Charm (VIDEO)

The stars collided on Saturday night when Tina Fey hosted Saturday Night Live and magical wonder boy Justin Bieber performed.

Fey and Bieber both starred in a sketch together where the young Bieber becomes the fantasy lust object of Fey’s older teacher character. Of course, it would be impossible for the real-life Bieber to not become the love fantasy of any living, breathing woman. Have you seen those adorable brown eyes?

Even with Bieber’s adorable mug staring back at her, Fey pulled it together and turned what could have been a boring cougar-fanstasy sketch into a really funny moment. Fey also gets bonus points for giving teen girls everywhere an excuse to squeal with delight by making Justin toss his swirly mass of hair follicles around.

Watch the hilarious sketch below.