Brandon Davis Says Not Even He Is Scummy Enough To Call Mischa Barton Fat

Last week someone posing as oily oil heir Brandon Davis created a Twitter account and called Brandon’s ex-girlfriend Mischa Barton a “hefer” [sic] and “1 of the fattest people in the planet.” Now Brandon is saying he doesn’t have a Twitter account and that he would never make a nasty comment about Mischa.

The story seemed believable last week since Brandon is known for being King of Douche Island (at least until Spencer Pratt came along) but it seems that even Brandon has some sense of dignity.

Brandon now says the he “would never say anything nasty about Mischa, especially about her weight” and one of his friends says that Brandon is too out-of-touch to even know what Twitter is.

Last week, the BrandonDavis14 Twitter account posted a tweet that Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend “Rick Soloman” (we think they mean Rick Solomon) had stolen possibly-fake-Brandon’s phone and made the Mischa comment.

So is Brandon/Rick behind the Mischa tweet or is this the work of a merry prankster who apparently hasn’t picked up a tabloid in six years and realized that no one cares about Brandon or Rick any more? We are going to go with “prankster” on this one since Brandon does seem dense enough to not know what Twitter is, let alone how to work the internet.