BUZZINGS: Justin Bieber Is Way Cooler Than Miley and the Jonas Brothers, Because He Says So

BUZZINGS: Justin Bieber Is Way Cooler Than Miley and the Jonas Brothers, Because He Says So-photo
  • Justin Bieber lashes out at the "corny" Disney pop stars, because there's no way he'd ever subject himself to manufactured hype. Wait... (Starpulse)
  • John Mayer underwent a full-body cavity search at the airport, and yet they still couldn't find his sense of decency. (Wonderwall)
  • What's next for Michelle McGee now that she's apologized to Sandra Bullock? Could it be complete eradication from the planet? Let's cross our fingers... (PopEater)
  • John Tesh says that he and Oprah Winfrey were totally an item. This lovely mental image is brought to you by Johnson's Eye Bleach. (Parade)
  • Hugh Hefner slams Tiger Woods and Jesse James for being too obsessed with sex. Consider this a wake-up call, gentlemen. (Huffington Post)


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  • Dalton Pisegna
    Dalton Pisegna

    I've been making a pretty steady income writing for

  • Stefanye

    a mi no me gustariaa que justin fueraa way

  • gaby

    hey if you are giving coments, please give posotive ones.... specially to justin bieber...i love oyu justin....god bless you....

  • angelee

    justin is definitely better than all d disney starz combined his music rocks and he is the BESS teen star of all

  • magic

    like everyone said he seems nice and stuff but hes arrogant and he sorta acts like a rapper but hes actually just a 16 year old pop music singer :|

  • jen

    He seems like a nice kid but hes soo freaking arrogant, Disney stars are no more or less talented than him, he needs to understand that while he may be new to the whole fame thing, doesn't mean he can go around acting better than people who didn't get famous through freaking youtube. Sorry Justin, your 16 now and the whole world knows who you are, so grow up.

  • hollywoodgirl

    Justin's nice but he is very arrogant.He is still a kid and he cannot handle so much of fame.He acts like he is justin timberlake.

  • Milly

    oh ya you wish you be cooler then theam ;DD NEwer Ever Ever going to hapin my friend and remember if you thinking so good about your self, your looking way moore NOT cool for others! yeas I like you but if you are so big fat lover of your self and thinking that you are better then someone your not so LOL I dont wont like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle P
    Danielle P

    i dont like Justin Bieber in some ways., his videos. He's 16. He acts as if he's player. (he pulled the girl's coat in Baby). It's not cool. Btw an arrogant freakhead.

  • Jemaz

    Justin Bieber is special in his own way, which makes him better than any disney star and thats why I respect and love him. Rock on Justin!!!!!

  • miaka

    justin is a fagget, stupid 12 year-old. not hot, ugly loser, arrogant freak