BUZZINGS: Justin Bieber Is Way Cooler Than Miley and the Jonas Brothers, Because He Says So

  • Justin Bieber lashes out at the “corny” Disney pop stars, because there’s no way he’d ever subject himself to manufactured hype. Wait… (Starpulse)
  • John Mayer underwent a full-body cavity search at the airport, and yet they still couldn’t find his sense of decency. (Wonderwall)
  • What’s next for Michelle McGee now that she’s apologized to Sandra Bullock? Could it be complete eradication from the planet? Let’s cross our fingers… (PopEater)
  • John Tesh says that he and Oprah Winfrey were totally an item. This lovely mental image is brought to you by Johnson’s Eye Bleach. (Parade)
  • Hugh Hefner slams Tiger Woods and Jesse James for being too obsessed with sex. Consider this a wake-up call, gentlemen. (Huffington Post)