BUZZINGS: Kate Gosselin Explores New Depths Of Delusion, Says She’s The Next Jennifer Aniston

Kate Gosselin believes that she could be the next Jennifer Aniston. Try to keep the uncontrollable laughter to yourself. (PopEater)

David Duchovny doesn’t like it when “young kids” tell him that they’ve grown up watching him on the X-Files. Is the better alternative having no young kids knowing about your show? (Wonderwall)

Ryan Phillippe says his new dating rule is that he won’t date anyone with a publicist since he always gets attacked for bad breakups. Apparently Ryan never realized that cheating on your girlfriends is bad publicity. (Huffington Post)

Hilary Swank has completed her transformation into our Aunt Martha, says she could kiss Richard Gere all the live long day. (LimeLife)

• Good news for arty film lovers: director David Lynch is reportedly in talks to create a sequel to his 2001 film Mullholland Drive. (Starpulse)