Holly Montag Tries Stand-Up Comedy, Is Unintentionally Hilarious (VIDEO)

Life after The Hills can be pretty bleak. While her sister, Heidi Montag, is fully-inflated and looking to become a “mogul,” Holly Montag is trying to get a Hollywood career going the old fashioned way: by doing stand-up at an open mic night in Los Angeles.

Holly was spotted at the Comedy Store in LA on April 6th, doing her very first stand-up performance at what appears to be an open mic night. Isn’t being a D-list reality television star worth anything these days? Isn’t there some sort of reality game show program on VH1 she can fall back on instead of being subjected to this unglamorous fate?

As for Holly’s performance, it was pretty funny (if you think awkwardness is funny). She talked about all the types of alcohol she likes to drink after admitting that she was an alcoholic and then did the standard “lady comic” schtick of talking about tampons and periods and saying things like “girls, you know what I’m saying!?” when she wasn’t getting a ton of laughs. But she was sure to plug her jewelry line, Coquette!

Holly also joked about her regrettable experience on the Hills, mostly talking about the pressure to be thin.

We can imagine that it is really difficult to do stand-up for the first time, especially when you are related to someone like Heidi (who appeared to be videotaping Holly’s stand-up in the video below). Watch the video and let us know in the comment section below what you think of Holly’s performance.