Lindsay Lohan Hoping For The Quentin Tarantino Career Makeover

Could Lindsay Lohan be getting a career bump from director Quentin Tarantino?

Rumor has it that Lindsay made a good impression on the set of Machete her newest film with Robert Rodriguez that Tarantino is eyeing her for a role that will make her rise like a Phoenix from the ashes that are her career.

Tarantino has a good reputation for giving stars with uninspiring careers a good bump: he made John Travolta a star again in Pulp Fiction and rescued Uma Thurman from a dead-end film career when he cast her in Kill Bill (granted, she may have gone back on that dead-end path, but that wasn’t Tarantino’s doing).

God knows that Lindsay’s career has gone from bad to worse. She hasn’t starred in a film that reached the theaters since 2007 and she has become somewhat infamous for being unemployable. Not only that but her disastrous private life hasn’t helped her career one bit. Lohan is living proof the the old adage “any publicity is good publicity” is simply not true.

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