Michelle McGee Will Now Go On A World Tour of Over-Sharing

Getting sick of seeing Michelle “Bombshell” McGee on your television and computer screen? Don’t worry—soon she’ll be coming to a nightclub near you, to make it even more convenient to be annoyed by her.

The San Diego-based stripper/model—who effectively destroyed any chance that Sandra Bullock may have had for happiness lat month when she claimed to have slept with Bullock’s husband Jesse James—is launching a tour of the nation’s nightclubs. What she’ll be doing, exactly, isn’t clear—stand-up adultery? dispensing penicillin shots?—but the road jaunt begins next Wednesday at the Fontainebleau hotel’s LIV nightclub in Miami, where McGee will be gracing the club with her presence for its “Bad Girl’s Night Out” party.

Oh, and since she’s such a prominent personality these days, McGee will be bringing a security team on the road with her.

Which is, we’re guessing, the first time that she’s ever used protection for anything.