Angelina Jolie Is Pregnant In Today’s Totally Believable Gossip Item

Another day, another probably-not-true Angelina Jolie gossip item. Sources are telling Star magazine (via Dlisted) that Angelina is pregnant with her fourth child (seventh in her child army) and that she is already three months along.

The evidence? Well, according to a “source” she has been drinking grape juice instead of wine while in Italy (because she is five years old and one’s natural next beverage choice after alcohol is grape juice) and she has been asking the costumers on the set of The Tourist to help her cover up her growing bump. Also, look at how fat she looks while filming in Venice! We see evidence of human organs under that skin, she must be pregnant!

But who knows, maybe Angelina is pregnant! We all know she likes adding children to her stable of tots.

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