Chace Crawford Cures His Hangover With A Warm Cup Of Dreamy (PHOTOS)

Well, well, well if it isn’t Gossip Girl dreamboat Chace Crawford looking delightfully rumpled while enjoying a cup of coffee. We guess seeing Chace when he first wakes up isn’t an image that is limited only to our imaginations, we can now ogle Chace’s bedhead in 2-D.

These cute photos come from UK magazine Grazia where Chace is currently serving as guest editor. Apparently Chace roled into the office a little late so the Grazia staffers punished him by forcing him to make coffee and documenting his cute little sleepyhead face. From the Grazia blog:

After hosting a sumptuous dinner for Team Grazia at London’s hottest members-only venue, The Brompton Club, Chace is feeling a tad fragile this morning so we’ve sent him off to make the coffees as a punishment for his tardiness. And it looks like SOMEone could do with the caffeine…

Hey, it is a hard life for a dreamboat like Chace. Let him enjoy a few extra minutes of beauty rest. He needs that hair and those eyebrows in tip-top shape for occupying our day dreams all day.