‘Jersey Shore’ Girls Get Classy Makeover For ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ (PHOTOS)

For some weird reason, the people over at Harper’s Bazaar thought it was necessary to give the women of Jersey Shore a lesson in etiquette. Why would they want to do that? Snooki, J-WoWW, and Sammi have displayed nothing but class and cultivated taste throughout the show.

Either way, the girls were the subject of an classy makeover photo-shoot with High Society reality socialite Tinsley Mortimer. The girls balanced books and then shed their cheap leggings and guidette fashions for glamorous ball gowns.

The girls clean-up nice, don’t you think? However, in a bizarre twist of fate, scraping off the orange spackle from Snooki’s face actually aged her more. She looks like a 60-year-old Chilean socialite matron in the “after” photo. Meanwhile, J-WoWW looks really good!

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