Justin Bieber’s Sacred Wikipedia Page Attacked By Wikipedia Editors

Something that people over the age of 17 (“The Olds”) don’t seem to understand about new driver Justin Bieber is that he has an extremely dedicated fan base that are willing to riot in the streets if they are kept from spreading the Gospel of Biebs. It comes as no surprise then that Justin’s fans would butt heads with the nerdy editors of Wikipedia.

The first people to add information to a celebrity’s Wikipedia page tend to be hardcore fans, but sometimes those fans aren’t the greatest source of unbiased information. That is why there are Wikipedia editors who comb through articles to scrub them of bias and misinformation.

Vanity Fair’s VF Daily blog discovered an epic Battle of the Bieb that occurred in the shadows of Wikipedia earlier this year that pitted Wikipedia editors against enthusiastic Bieber fans. From VF Daily:

Most of the more colorful battles occurred before March 22 of this year, when Wikipedia noted “excessive vandalism” and “added move [sic] protection.” Perhaps the most contentious claim is the year of young (old?!) Bieber’s birth, for which, miraculously, there is no reliable source. Or, as Wikipedia editor “Barneystimpleton” wrote after removing the offending information: “NO. RELIABLE. SOURCE. FOR. 1994. BIRTH. YEAR. IS. NOT. KNOWN.” And as for the claim that Bieber was “the first artist to have all singles chart from an album,” Bdb484 erased the edit and noted “fa-fa-false.”

More cosmetic issues such as semantics are also up for debate: “Penicillin was ‘discovered’, music videos were just watched,” wrote Bradley0110 of the phrase “he was discovered on YouTube,” before changing it to “seen on YouTube.” Matt0401 chimed in, “Agree with ‘seen’ instead of ‘discovered’. It maintains a more neutral POV.” And while Bieber revisionists attempt to contextualize their hero in the most flattering light, user Pumpmeup warns that “it’s unencyclopedic to gauge worldwide reaction to an album as ‘positive’ no matter how many references you insert.” It’s even more unencyclopedic to report a song as debuting at No. 5 on the charts before it’s even been released. “I hope it debuts at #5, but the charts haven’t come out yet,” wrote editor Candyo32 with what we imagine to be a touch of plaintive regret.

The condescending tone of the Wikipedia editors (looking at you “Bdb484″) reveals that perhaps these editors aren’t big Bieber fans. Maybe they are picking on the young Bieber fans for writing “unencyclopedic” facts because they see them as easy targets? Who knows.

While it is important that Biber newbies (“The Olds”) looking up Justin Bieber on Wikipedia get the most accurate information possible, some of the Wikipedia editors’ quibbles about semantics seem a little silly. No one is going to say a celebrity was “seen” on YouTube when they were really “discovered” there because it just doesn’t make sense.

Ultimately, we have to go with Team Bieber on this one because, even if isolated fans tend to get the facts messed up, they are pretty much the only ones keeping Justin’s Wikipedia page up-to-date.

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