Let’s Talk Periods With the Kardashians!

Discussing your menstruation with others doesn’t have to be embarrassing—it can be totally fun and cool! And the Kardashians totally want you to know that!

In honor of the revolutionary U by Kotex product line, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner are encouraging gals across the country to open up about their monthly blessing in their new “Getting Real With the Kardashians” video series. And because sharing is a two-way street, the reality stars are talking about their own experiences with The Big P too!

Encouraging a healthy dialogue about menstruation is a proud tradition in the Kardashian household, as Kim explains on her official Web site:

“There are six females in our family, so it’s never been a touchy subject for us! Having my mom and my sisters around me, I couldn’t have asked for a better support system, and now Khloe, Kourt and I try to make Kendall and Kylie feel just as comfortable and realize there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

And now the ladies are urging the rest of the world to embrace this spirit of openness. As Kardashians matriarch Jenner says,

“The more informed you are about the things going on with your body, the better that you’ll feel about yourself—just to feel your best inside and out is what this whole thing is all about.”

And as Kim confirms,

“There is nothing to be embarrassed about whatsoever about your period. Everyone gets it.”

Never one to be left out of the discussion, Khloe proudly proclaims on her official Web site,

“Getting your period is natural, so as a woman, why should I have to keep my mouth shut about it?”

No reason at all, Khloe. Preach the word, sister!

Check out the inaugural installment of the ladies’ “Getting Real” series below and feel the empowerment! (Click here to check out the entire video series.)

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