Michelle McGee Stands Up For Poor Homewrecking Mistresses Everywhere

Michelle McGee is using her newfound fame to stick up for a maligned and oppressed group: mistresses. Won’t you look on these poor women who sleep with married men with pity and understanding?

Michelle gave a recent interview to Inside Edition where she said that she felt improperly blamed for her affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, and that the cheating husband should be getting the blame. From the interview (via PopEater):

I want to say to the rest of the country, ‘Stop taking it out on the mistresses and start taking it out on the men who are cheating on their wives […] Why are these men getting off scot free while the mistresses are considered w—-, and we’re stepped on and we’re booed and we’re called nasty names?

I think the man needs to take responsibility for it.

While we think that some cheating men, like Jesse James and Tiger Woods, have certainly taken a fair share of the blame for their cheating ways, we do think (and this may be the only time we are ever going to say this) that maybe Michelle has a point. Mistresses do tend to get a lot of the blame when a husband or boyfriend goes on a cheating spree.

Not that this is going to make us like Michelle (or any blabbing mistress), but she does bring up a good point.

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