Randy Quaid, Wife Not Famous Enough To Get Away With Stealing

The troublesome twosome, Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi Quaid, are being hunted down by the police yet again for failing to show up to court on Tuesday.

An arrest warrant was issued for the couple after the failed to appear in court in Texas when their case was called. The Quaids are currently locked in a legal battled after they failed to pay a $10,000 hotel bill. The two have been charged with “defrauding an innkeeper” which gives the whole tale a nice medieval touch.

The Quaids appeared in court for their case in December and pleaded not guilty. The two were released on $40,000 bail, which has now been forfeited.

During the course of the case, arrest warrants have been repeatedly sought and squashed for the Quaids. The Quaids claim that they had repaid the “innkeeper” that is bringing the charges against them.