Summit Schedules an ‘Eclipse’ Do-Over, Seeks New Director — Everybody Panic!

Robert Pattinson may be perfect in every way, but the Twilight movie series? Apparently that needs a few good tweaks on occasion.

Summit Entertainment has reportedly ordered a re-shoot on key scenes in Eclipse, the upcoming third installment of the cinematic saga. According to reports, the re-shoots revolve around the meadow scene between Edward and Bella, plus a few fight sequences, and will take place in Vancouver in the next few weeks.

The film’s June 30 release date will reportedly not be affected, but producers are under the gun due to Eclipse star Pattinson’s schedule. Summit originally slated seven days for the re-shoot, but since Pattinson is currently in Europe filming the historical drama Bel Ami, the schedule has been tightened to three days.

The real monkey wrench in the re-shoot, however, is the question of who’ll be behind the camera for the do-over. Eclipse director David Slade is reportedly at loggerheads with Summit over creative differences, prompting the studio to look elsewhere. Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke and New Moon helmsman Chris Weitz are, naturally, said to be on the short list of candidates—which might spell trouble for the considerable number of Twi-hards who were disappointed in Hardwicke’s directorial work.

Perhaps rumored Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon could get in a little practice by taking on the project?

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