BUZZINGS: Steven Seagal Wanted to See Jenny McCarthy Naked, So He’s at Least Kind of Normal

  • Jenny McCarthy claims that Steven Seagal ordered her to strip at an audition, because apparently he’s never heard of newsstands, video stores or the Internet. (PopEater)
  • Feeling violated on Tax Day? Take heart, a lot of celebrities can sympathize with you. From atop their mountainous piles of money. (Wonderwall)
  • Speaking of cash woes, Lady GaGa may be going broke. Good thing she’s economizing by refusing to buy pants. (Starpulse)
  • The recently canceled Ugly Betty may be coming to the big screen. Because if people won’t watch something for free in their own homes, they’ll obviously line up and pay to watch it. Solid logic there, Hollywood! (Parade)
  • Matthew Fox reveals that he lost his virginity at 12. Justin Bieber points, laughs, and calls Fox an amateur. (Huffington Post)