Charlie Sheen Furthers His Wacky Hair Experiments, Shaves Head

Well, at least he’s found a hobby to take his mind off of the crushing grip of addiction. After being spotted earlier this week wearing a fake mustache that looked like it was ripped from one of those Groucho Marx disguises, Two and a Half Men actor Charlie Sheen, who’s currently in rehab for alcohol and cocaine abuse, sported a dramatic new look on Wednesday by walking around with a shaved head, Radar Online reports.

Maybe he’s just cultivating a more monastic lifestyle? It wouldn’t be a bad idea for the troubled actor, who is also facing charges that he assaulted his wife, Brooke Mueller, during a domestic spat last Christmas.

Along with the drug treatment and abuse allegations, Sheen is currently embroiled in an affair scandal, with reports claiming that he’s been cheating on Mueller with escort Angelina Tracy, and that the mustache was an effort to evade detection while visiting Tracy.

Sheen’s rep contends that the actor was merely counseling her, which makes sense—if laughter truly is the best medicine, the sight of a chrome-domed Charlie Sheen wearing a fake mustache could probably provide enough yuks to cure cancer.