Kate Gosselin Thinks Nobody Would Date Her, Which Just Seems Crazy

Poor Kate Gosselin. While her ex-husband Jon Gosselin merrily makes his way through a small army of chippies, the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom has been going it solo since the couple’s split last year. And the way she sees it, that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Gosselin, currently wowing the world with her hoofing skills on Dancing With the Stars, showed a stunning degree of self-awareness recently when quizzed about her romantic prospects, admitting,

“I don’t believe there is someone out there who can handle my baggage that’s too heavy to lift. I’m married to my kids and my career…Honestly, I don’t believe there is anyone out there.”

Yeah, well, exposing yourself as a master of verbal castration on national TV probably didn’t help your chances any either, Kate. Just a thought.

Do you think Kate Gosselin will ever find true love again? And if so, who would you like to see her hook up with? Share your thoughts in the comments section!