Larry King Didn’t Get a Prenup From Wife #7, Needs More Practice at Divorce

For a guy who’s been divorced as many times as he has, Larry King doesn’t seem to have the fundamentals down yet. TMZ reports that King, who filed for divorce from his wife Shawn Southwick on Wednesday—which marks the eighth time he’s moved to dissolve a marriage—failed to arrange a prenuptial agreement with Southwick, and it could cost him big.

Larry, Larry, Larry; that’s a rookie mistake!

Given that the 76-year-old Larry King Live host is worth an estimated $144 million, and California law dictates that marital assets are split 50/50 unless otherwise specified, Southwick could end up netting a pretty hefty paycheck in exchange for her 13 years of marriage to King. In addition, King has been negotiating a contract with CNN worth a reported $56 million over 4 years.

So how could King have made such a blatant blunder? According to a source close to the relationship, the 76-year-old was simply blinded by 50-year-old Southwick’s beauty:

“She is a tall, good-looking blonde and that pretty much explains it.”

Lawyers, Larry. They can be very helpful in situations like this. Maybe you should put on your reading glasses and look one up in the Yellow Pages.