Larry King’s Divorce Takes a Tawdry New Twist With Baseball-Coach Affair Rumors

Thought that Larry King’s split from wife #7, Shawn Southwick, was going to be just another standard-issue divorce for the celebrated talk-show host? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Amid allegations from Southwick that King had been fooling around with her sister, Shannon Engemann (allegations that Engemann denies), it turns out that Southwick may have been playing around on the side too—with their sons’ little league coach.

Hector Penate, who used to coach the couple’s two boys, Chance and Cannon, told TMZ back in September that “mistakes were made” with Southwick, and it doesn’t appear that he was talking about the pointers he gave the kids out on the field. Grilled about any hanky-panky he might have engaged in with Southwick, Penate replied cryptically, “One thing led to another…”

Which eventually led to divorce court? Time will tell…