Madonna Eyes ‘Glee’ Star Matthew Morrison For Boy-Toy Duties

While an “insider” had previously claimed that Madonna not only didn’t know what Glee was but was upset that they were “butchering” her songs, it turns out that Madge actually approves of the show and its upcoming Material Girl-themed episode.

Madonna released a statement today that gave a thumbs-up to the Glee episode that features her music. We’re glad that the previous rumor about her disliking the show was put to rest because it was like watching your parents fight: awkward and upsetting all at the same time.

Put did you think that Madonna gushed about the show just because she is a big fan of musical television programming? Hardly: in the statement Madonna says that she thinks “Mr. Shuester [Matthew Morrison] is very cute.”

Jesus Luz better watch his boy-toy back because it sounds like he might have some competition.