Pam Anderson Gets In ‘Free Willy’ Mood, Vows To Close All SeaWorlds

Noted animal rights activist and current Dancing with the Stars twinkle toes, Pamela Anderson, has come out to call for the closing of all the world’s SeaWorlds. What would Shamu say?

Pam went on Larry King Live to address the dangers of keeping whales and dolphins in captivity following the tragic death of a killer whale trainer at a SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.

Pam told Larry King:

I don’t think there should be SeaWorlds. Of course not. I think it’s terrible. They should not be in captivity at all. It’s bound to happen. Something like that. It’s just terrible… it’s terrible that it’s happened, but there shouldn’t be any SeaWorlds.

Pam’s stance against SeaWorld shouldn’t come as a surprise to people who are familiar with her adamant pro-animal rights stance. SeaWorld has been drawing increasing criticism from animal rights groups following the death of one of its trainers.