Whitney Houston Hits Some Bumps On Road To Success (No, Not Those Kind Of Bumps)

Troubled diva Whitney Houston is trying to get back on the road to success, but she is having a hard time wooing fans.

After postponing UK concert dates due to “illness,” Whitney finally made it to the stage in Birmingham, England but was met with boos and jeers when she went to do a costume change 15 minutes into the show.

When she briefly left the stage, the audience started to chant “where are you.” Whitney returned and said, “I heard you got a little pissed off while I changed my clothes and dried off. But I’m here now.” This is basically Whitneyspeak for “back off, haters.”

Whitney reportedly struggled for breath during the entire performance, perhaps due to her “illness.” According to LimeLife some fans felt Whitney lost her sparkle.

Listen, England: a true diva can’t just perform in one dowdy pair of trousers all night, she needs multiple outfit changes to keep her look fresh.

As for losing her singing touch, we guess Whitney fans will have to see how she fares as she continues her tour.