Zac Efron Continues to Burn His Disney Bridges By Playing a Drug Runner

Vanessa Hudgens isn’t the only Disney alum trying to erase her past by taking on edgy roles. Hudgie Bear’s boyfriend and fellow High School Musical alum, Zac Efron, is also working overtime to kiss his HSM history bye-bye.

Efron has signed on to star as a drug runner in the upcoming adaptation of the Swedish hit Snabba Cash (rougly translated, Easy Money), a thriller revolving around three interconnected stories in the drug underground. Efron will play a hustler-turned-money launderer with dreams of making it rich by smuggling coke for the mob. And just to show that he’s totally serious about turning to the dark side, Efron is producing the flick as well as starring in it.

Can Efron convincingly portray a scuzzy criminal, despite his seemingly insurmountable dreaminess? Have your say in the comments section!

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