BUZZINGS: Paris Hilton And Doug Reinhardt Finally Announce Breakup

• Apparently, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt did split up. Will we ever be able to believe in true love again? (PopEater)

Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston are about to flip their wigs over being left off a list of the top female gay icons. (Wonderwall)

• Oddly enough, suggesting that Lindsay Lohan be framed to get her arrested and put into rehab isn’t the best (or legal) way to deal with an addict. (Huffington Post)

• Club promoters in Florida are selling $100 tickets to a fake T.I. concert. Wait, people fall for this sort of thing? We have a concert with zombie Michael Jackson coming up, tickets start at $400. (Bossip)

• Write it down scandal-plagued celebrities and ad executives: exploiting your dead parents to sell sports gear like Tiger Woods did for Nike is apprently not very effective and making people want to buy stuff or like the celebrity in the commercial. (LimeLife)