Heidi Montag’s Enormous Breasts Are Doomed (PHOTOS)

While Spencer Pratt may be taking to Twitter to defend the honor of his fair lady’s fake breasts, the future doesn’t look bright for Heidi Montag’s breasts.

According to several plastic surgeons, Heidi’s breasts are doomed to a life of agony, and it has nothing to do with being in close proximity of the nightmare husband that is Spencer. From Us magazine (via Starpulse):

The excessive weight of the implants in these extreme augmentations almost always leads to chronic lower back pain and significant drooping of the breasts […] Often, the entire balance of the spine can be thrown off, resulting in chronic neck strain, painful shoulders and even a stooping posture.

Another plastic surgeon also said that large breast implants will make it hard for a mother to breast-feed. Hopefully that will never, ever be a problem for Heidi since we don’t think the world could handle the thought of a little Heidi-Spencer offspring running around and acting as a publicity prop for its parents.

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