Kim Kardashian Goes Au Naturel For ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ (PHOTOS)

The beautiful and curvy Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to jump on the posing-without-make-up-and-airbrushing trend, but instead of simply appearing in a magazine with a fresh face, Kim decided to go the extra mile and appear completely, 100% nude. You know, for America or whatever.

Kim appeared in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar completely free of make-up and retouching to help get young women comfortable with their natural shapes.

It is a noble cause, considering how influential digitally-perfected images of stars can effect young women’s perception of reality.

Kim also talked to Harper’s Bazaar about her infamous body and how she was insecure about her roller coaster-curves when she was growing up:

I was wearing a C cup by the time I was 11. I would go to bed and pray, “Please, Lord, don’t let my boobs grow any bigger.” I hated what was happening.

While Kim may have felt awkward growing up, we’re pretty sure that every man in America is glad that God wasn’t answering her prayers.

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