Kim Kardashian Makes Out With Soccer Star; Hmm, Same Soccer Star Who Made Our With Paris Hilton. Double Hmm.

Photo Source: Splash News Online/Pacific Coast News Online

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hot, young, stud, athlete, boyfriends.  And when you’re Kim Kardashian, you really can have your pick of the litter.  So, when you end your relationship with Super Bowl Champion running back, Reggie Bush, there’s no major surprise when on your next trip to Spain, you fall into the arms (and lips) of European soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo, a.k.a. the highest paid soccer player in the world.  ”When in Spain….”, as they say.

Now, Kim making out with a megastar athlete is just a fun story, but to make this a truly juice story we must recall that in 2008, this same Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted making out with none other than Paris Hilton.  Yeah, that Paris Hilton.  Former Kardashian “bestie” Paris Hilton.  The Paris Hilton who was partying with Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush, just last week in Las Vegas.

Fasten your seatbelts.  This is going to get very interesting.