Lady GaGa Explains Her Parade of Fashion Crazy to Japan (VIDEO)

Some things are awesome in any language, and Lady GaGa’s incredible fashion sense is one of them. The “Bad Romance” singer is currently in Japan, spreading her message of music, love, and WTF wardrobe choices, and yesterday that mission brought her to Japanese television program “Music Station.”

The Pantless One wowed the crowd with a rousing version of her hit song “Telephone,” of course, but there was no way the crack journalists at Music Station were going to let her slip away without a detailed discussion of her singular fashion sense. Because when you walk around with a silver lobster on your head, people are naturally gonna have some questions.

Watch GaGa, dressed up like some kind of Divine Empress of the Bat People, explain the method to her sartorial madness in the video below:

Oh, and if you have some kind of bizarre need to watch her performance, you can see that below: