Run, Brooke, Run! Mueller Grabs Kids and Ditches Sheen

What was the Charlie Sheen straw that broke Brooke Mueller’s back?

The knife hunt around the tree on Christmas morning?  The tenth trip to rehab for drugs and alcohol?  The never-ending patronage of young escorts dressed in sexy costume?  The history of unchecked anger and violence?  Marriage really is a tricky business.  A business Brooke Mueller has seemingly finally left.

According to Star Magazine, Brooke has apparently had enough of her violent, drunken, cheating, hubby-man and has packed up the baby boy twins and moved out of the couple’s home in Beverly Hills.  

“Both Brooke and Charlie were continuing the rehab they began after the Colorado blow-up, but it’s clear that Brooke has been the only one taking it seriously.  She’s still on the road to recovery as an outpatient — but she’s decided that she’ll make that journey without Charlie.” 

 – friend of Brooke’s, to Star Magazine

Looks like the light bulb finally went on in Brooke’s brain.