Sandra Bullock To Break Her Silence With…George Lopez

So, every TV host on television wants poor Sandra Bullock to cry on their TV couch, for ratings and what not, but Sandra has yet to speak in depth about her husband Jesse James’ alleged affairs. Well, that is until now, but that bad news is that a Sandra-hungry public might have to wait until November (i.e., forever in the future) until they hear anything.

Word on the street is that Sandra is going to tell all about her marital woes to longtime friend George Lopez for his TBS late night show Lopez Tonight.

This may come as a shock since Lopez’s shoe is in the minor leagues compared to The Tonight Show or Oprah but since Sandra is probably more interested in talking with a friend rather than earning publicity for her scandals, it makes a lot of sense.

Sandra was an executive producer on George’s ABC sitcom, George Lopez, and has been a close friend of the comedian for many years.

While most stars would be looking to earn the most positive publicity they could by crying on the shoulder of someone like Barbara Walters or Oprah, Sandra is choosing to do her scandal-talking duty with a close friend.