The ‘Jersey Shore’ Kids Shrewdly Avoid the Dangers of Overwork (PHOTOS)

Statistics show that up to 90 percent of visits to health-care professionals in this country are for stress-related illnesses. Luckily, it’s safe to say that the cast of Jersey Shore won’t be contributing to this alarming statistic anytime soon.

Reality TV’s favorite guidos and guidettes, Snooki, Vinny, JWoww and Ronnie, joined the working masses on Thursday, starting their new job at a Miami gelato shop, and as these photos clearly indicate, they’re thoroughly intent on not burning themselves out. Smart move, guys; you’ll want to save your energy for your GTL regimen, after all.

Let’s all take a lesson from the Jersey Shore kids, shall we? Click though the photo gallery for a pictorial tutorial on the importance of pacing yourself.